It's one thing for us to say it...

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    Acquania Escarne

    ( Host of The Purpose Of Money Show) - I was in need of someone to produce my podcast after seeking to do it for myself for quite a while. I wanted someone or a team to be able to take it completely off of my hands and get it out to the world. Being able to hit record and have someone put all the pieces together with class, attention to detail, and keeping my audience in mind is a God-send! Donald and the 5 Talent Media squad are dope!

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    JR Spear

    ( Business Leaders Network, Host of The Creed With JR. Spear) - 5 Talent Media’s production services are unmatched as they are timely, industry-leading in creativity, and guarantee an enjoyable, worry-free, and hands-on experience with their clients. The team has been producing my podcast for the last 3 years and after more than 300K downloads to date, we couldn’t have done it without them.

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    George Acheampong

    (Founder of Melanin Money & Host Of THE MELANIN MONEY SHOW) - Donald and the team over at 5 Talent Media have been a huge asset to the Melanin Money Media Brand! Our Youtube, Podcast, and Social Media are a representation of their eyes and ears for excellence and their heart to reach people the right way! There is no doubt that they have insight, top-level creativity, and the ability to grow with their clients!

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    Eric Bailey

    ( Activational Speaker of 30 Years) - As an active and in-demand speaker for over 30 years, I know talent when I am around it! The team over at 5 TALENT MEDIA has been my go-to for the last 4 years in the areas of social media promos, voiceovers, and pre-speech production packets for engagements. If you want to look good and sound good, this is the team you MUST HAVE!

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    Jerome Gay

    (THE AUDIOBOOK go-to!) You have been THE VOICE of some of my most important work to date! I’m beyond pleased with the result and impact we are able to make together!